WOP  "Window on Production"

Eager to increase your Manufacturing Efficiency?
or to measure your OEE, Quality or Production Performance?

WOP allow you to control all these parameters and to have a clear understanding of your real performance

  • WOP is a web-based user interface, offering real time production metrics
  • WOP constantly visualizes the Manufacturing & Packaging performance of your plant
  • WOP provides Data including:

- N. of goods produced
- N. of rejects
- Production duration.

  • Easy to read Dashboard (chart,gauge etc.)
  • Available Real Time Data on the shop floor or on your PC, Tablets and smartphone

WOP is your open window on your shop floor !

WOP is composed by two modules:

  • Production data visualizer

Real-time batch data visualizer. Operators receive real time via a Monitor installed on the Packaging line

  • Production data reporting

By the end of the batch, the system provides a report composed mainly by charts including information on the batch duration, OEE, Quality, Performance etc. plus the possibility to compare previous batches and monitor trends

​WOP components:

  • A large monitor where Operators and Supervisors can constantly be updated on Manufacturing progress

  • Sensors to acquire the needed information

  • Tablet to input information

  • Visualizing devices (Smartphone, Tablets and PC)

  • Server & Database

WOP working approach:

  • ​The information gathered by the equipment and input by the operator are stored in the Database
  • Operators input data via a touch screen
  • N. of goods and rejects are automatically collected by new sensors
  • WOP can be easy installed on old equipment in less than 4 hours without wiring
  • WOP is completely independent from the equipment control system

Production data reporting

  • This is the Manufacturing Intelligence needed to your Manufacturing activities to be competitive and profitable

  • Data reports, highlight opportunities to optimize your process without losing time to collect and analyze data

  • Being a Web based application, it is a Ready To Use tool with no installation time

  • Data are represented graphically with Dashboards

  • Using Drill-down menu, it is possible to configure your out of the box charts highlighting areas for improvement

  • It provides Decision Makers the right KPIs and trends with easy to read charts wherever they are

As you cannot improve what you cannot measure...

WOP give you the following Benefits:

  • OEE per Product / Manufacturing team / Shift etc.

  • ​Increased transparency and asset utilization

  • Increase Quality

  • Generate Operational savings

  • Better accuracy of planning and costing

  • Greater awareness and commitment to line performace by Operators

  • Visualization of Loss causes

  • Downtime and scrap analysis

  • Setup and Cleaning time evaluations

Why WOP is different:

  • Both modules, offer Simple, User Friendly and effective Dashboards

  • Information are available to multiple stakeholders wherever they are located in real time

  • Software is customised according Client needs

  • Client is not requested to buy Hardware or software Licences

  • System is wireless and it is installed ready to work (Customization is done upfront)

  • To avoid down time, installation can be done overnight or during the weekend

  • Delivery time after any needed customization is two weeks