MPU "Modular Pharmaceutical Unit"

​In collaboration with "Termogamma" we have developed an innovative and winning concept based on the famous "Lego" toy.

​During the years many industries have developed their business around modularity.
The major advantage of the modular concept applied to the Pharma Industry is that the facility is built, fully GMP compliant, more efficiently and effectively at vendor workshop and then reassembled on the field. 

Modularity means:

  • Concepts Repeatability
  • Reliability
  • Less unforeseen events
  • Standard design
  • Standard construction material
  • High Quality finishing

Knowing up-front how it will look likeMoreover, the larger availability of Equipment on Skids generates even more advantages when combined with Modular Design.

Modular Design Advantages:

  • Faster delivery times
  • Cheaper (up to 20-25%)
  • High Quality Construction Standard
  • Construction and assembly at vendor workshop
  • Minimized Manufacturing disruption
  • Almost no commissioning at final destination

As an example, a small scale sterile suite and a general gowning area can be easily and quickly transformed in a Modular 3D Design.
That means faster designshorter project delivery time and lower design costs.

Thanks to MPU, now the Modularity concept can be extensively applied to built GMP Pharmaceutical facilities.